An update on Upstream Medical Technologies

December 5, 2018

Currently, a large number of patients present to emergency departments each year with chest pain. Only one in eight actually has a life-threatening condition. Causes for this pain are many; heart, lung, gastrointestinal, bone, muscle and nerve problems. With this large proportion of patients presenting annually, physicians require rapid and accurate methods to determine which patients require immediate lifesaving medical treatment.

Upstream has developed a novel technology platform built on years of research which provides a new class of diagnostic tests designed for use in emergency departments. These tests detect life-threatening heart and associated diseases. The lead assay, UA Score, can detect an imminent heart attack before tissue damage occurs by identifying a condition known as ‘Unstable Angina’. The potential market size for this test is estimated to be US$2bn.

UA Score testing can be initiated upon arrival at the hospital and results issued while the patient is still in the emergency department using the existing equipment and with 98.4% accuracy. If there is no trace of Unstable Angina the patient can be sent home. This will help reduce emergency department congestion, overnight stays and costs. It also results in better patient outcomes.

Upstream has recently recruited Professor Frank Peacock for its science advisory board. He has over 300 publications on heart failure and acute coronary syndromes, he focuses on improvements in emergency medical care and has served as primary investigator on a number of high profile national and international clinical trials. Upstream believes he will add immense value to their upcoming trial and its results.

Professor Frank Peacock

Upstream is currently preparing for a trial of its diagnostic test in 1,000 patients at multiple international clinics. This trial is designed to secure regulatory approvals for the technology in the US and Europe. It is expected this trial will reconfirm the finding of a 505-person NZ based trial conducted in 2017.

The company will be launching a capital raise in 2019 seeking ~$1.8m, in which Pacific Channel will be the lead investor.

For more information on Upstream or its upcoming capital raise, please contact Lachlan on +64 21 029 26400 or