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As a specialised deep-tech venture capital company, Pacific Channel is focused on investing in great people who are using breakthrough science and advanced engineering discoveries to secure the Future of Food, Future of Health, and Future of Environment.

Our focus is investing from pre-seed through to series A. We aim to provide a capital pathway to larger funding rounds through follow-on investing into many of our portfolio companies.

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What you want to do

As an innovator, you aspire to use your skills and expertise to answer questions; to solve some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges to drive change and have a measurable impact on our future.

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How we come together

By connecting game-changing deep-tech with specialist venture capital investment and capability, we help make what might seem impossible, possible.

Deep tech has the potential to have a significant impact and making this a reality requires the right capital, resources, and expertise.

So how do we work together to shape the future?  

Understanding deep tech commercialisation

Commercialisation is the process of taking a research-based solution out of the lab and translating it into real world applications to have a global impact. In our experience, partnering with a specialist investor who has the mix of patient capital, depth of technical, IP and commercial expertise, an understanding of the risks and timeframes of deep tech development, and global reach and networks is key to achieving this goal.

What factors does Pacific Channel consider when deciding to invest?

We look at a range of factors including:


Alignment of opportunity to our key focus areas in health, environment and food


The potential size of the market opportunity


The composition of the team, their drivers of success and their expertise


The potential environmental, health and social benefits of the technology


A technology development plan that articulates the pathway to product and potential risks


The ability to maintain a long term sustainable competitive advantage


Pacific Channel’s ability to add strategic value beyond capital.

What is the pathway for approaching Pacific Channel and what can I expect?


Don’t be shy, get in touch with us as we’d be more than happy to have a chat or a coffee to find out more about your innovative technology and why it has the potential to have a significant impact.


If you are interested in telling us more, this form outlines what information we’re looking for.


Our investment pathway:

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Due Diligence

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Investment Committee

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Legal Review

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