CertusBio Features on Newshub

October 23, 2018

Earlier in the week, Pacific Channel portfolio company CertusBio was recognised by TV3’s Newshub.

CertusBio’s lead product, Milk-Guard, is the first real-time interference-free biosensor monitoring device aimed at the dairy processing industry. The biosensor detects lactose and milk in dairy processing wastewater and puts control in the hands of process operators to dramatically reduce processing loses.

CEO Matthew Jones said to Newshub “Given the significant economic return to New Zealand from the dairy industry, it is vital to extract as much value from dairy processing as possible by using reliable, fully automated systems to accurately and rapidly monitor losses in dairy processing waste streams,”

“Dairy plant operators will be able to improve the resource and energy efficiency of their plant processes by reducing losses of valuable dairy products and ultimately increasing company profitability.”

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