Dr Ashwath Sundaresan and CEO Carl Beck talk about Tectonus

April 7, 2024

Carl Beck, CEO of Tectonus, joins Dr Ashwath Sundaresan from Pacific Channel to delve into the venture capital investor-start-up relationship and what drives them.

In this video, Carl and Ash share valuable insights into Tectonus’ seismic strengthening technology, the ‘sweet spot’ that influenced deep tech investor, Pacific Channel’s decision to invest in the company, the challenges facing early-stage companies, raising capital and the commercialisation journey – which Carl describes as “never a straight road, there are always a lot of bends in the journey”.

Crystalising his views on the future of the company, Ash explains:

“The next 24 months for the business is exciting. The company is on a precipice – Tectonus has built a brand in New Zealand, it has proven the technology in New Zealand and now it’s on the verge of really expanding into these overseas markets – when you think of California and North America, they are big markets so for me its exciting because once you tip into those markets and you can prove yourself [which Tectonus is already doing], that just opens up more opportunities.