Dr Robert Powell on achieving harmony in deep tech investing

May 30, 2023

We’ve talked a lot about deep tech and how atthe core of these technological innovations is an ambition to solve highly complex global problems. These are problems which, unless addressed, will impact us all – the future of our food, our health, and our environment. This is what makes investing in deep tech really important, but it takes much more than venture capital to execute on the idea and deliver a positive outcome.

It needs what we call ‘harmony’ - when you bring the right people together with the right ideas, the right resources, and the right level of understanding, the chances of successfully solving real world problems increases.

As a venture capital company, Pacific Channel differentiates itself in so far that it brings together all of these elements. As a team, we help the entrepreneuror the inventor of the technology, the person with the idea maximise the chance that their technology will be successful.

People. Ideas. Resources. Understanding.

Having the right people in the business at the right time is key to any successful venture. By assembling a diverse team of individuals with complementary skills and knowledge, we assist in creating a harmonious environment.

When we talk about ideas, we’re referring to people who share a common vision and passion for solving global challenges. By encouraging open dialogue and collaboration, we can help drive the right solutions.

Having access to the right resources – both financial and human at the right time is critical. Deep tech is often considered the venture capital of venture capital, which means it’s highly specialised and requires a different level of understanding from more traditional investments.

And the final piece of the puzzle is understanding. Deciding whether to invest in a deep tech company necessitates spendinga significant amount of time deep diving into the underlying science or engineering problems.