Emerald Scofield on championing gender diversity in venture capital

February 27, 2023

Venture capital companies like Pacific Channel play a pivotal role in supporting and empowering female founders. Historically, and this is especially in the deep tech sector, women have been underrepresented, in fact, only 20% of start-ups globally have one or more female founders. Venture capital firms have the unique opportunity to address this gender disparity by actively seeking out and investing in female-led deep tech startups.

Why? Starting with what might be obvious, specialist deep tech venture capital firms can provide access to the right type of capital and resources that are essential for developing and scaling these complex technologies. By investing in female founders and entrepreneurs, VC firms enable them to bring their innovative ideas to life, develop cutting-edge technologies, and compete in what has become a highly competitive landscape. This financial support is instrumental in bridging the funding gap that women often face due to systemic biases and limited access to traditional funding sources.

Secondly and this is important, because almost 50% of our population is female, we need solutions to significant issues that will impact our female population.

If you've got an all-male team trying to solve that problem, you're not thinking about the 51% of people and how this product will affect them.

Arguably, while males are very capable of conceptualising and driving the development of these technologies, diversity of thought would certainly help ensure that female-dominated issues are being addressed.

Venture capital firms can actively advocate for gender diversity and inclusion within the deep tech ecosystem. By championing the success stories of women entrepreneurs and promoting diversity in their investment portfolios, VC firms set an example for the industry at large. This can encourage other investors, corporations, and stakeholders to prioritise gender equity and create a more inclusive environment for women in deep tech.

We firmly believe venture capital has the power to catalyse the change needed and drive gender diversity in the deep tech sector. By providing financial support, mentorship, and advocacy, VC firms can uplift women founders, amplify their voices, and pave the way for a more inclusive and innovative future in deep tech entrepreneurship.

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