Emerald Scofield on diversity and talent in venture capital

December 5, 2022

Fostering talent is of utmost importance in a venture capital company. As a deep tech investor, we have developed a culture where age and experience don’t matter – what’s really valued is an individual’s ability to bring different and new perspectives to the table which creates a dynamic and innovative ecosystem.

Our younger generations are possibly seeing different problems that our population will face in the future than those identified by the Baby Boomers, Gen-X’s and even the Millennials. So, the upside for deep tech founders and investors is our team’s ability to question whether the problems can be solved and then if the answer is yes, finding the technologies that can solve them.

The other ‘talent’ that we’re cultivating are our scientists, founders and entrepreneurs. These are the people who are coming up with ground-breaking ideas that will potentially solve some of the big global problems, yet often one of the common issues is that while they have the passion and the idea, they’re just not sure what to do next. By investing in the growth and development of these talented individuals we can foster a thriving deep tech sector capable of making a significant impact on our future.