Emerald Scofield on how deep tech can solve global problems

June 14, 2023

The technologies that we’re investing in are solving global problems. Built on substantial scientific and engineering advancements, these technologies are focused on pressing challenges such as the future of our food sources, our health, and our environment. With its ability to address complex problems, deep tech has emerged as a powerful tool in tackling global issues.

As a venture capital company, our opportunity is to contribute to addressing these pressing challenges by actively seeking out investment opportunities in transformative technologies and investing our capital, our expertise and our networks.

Take water as an example. It’s something we can’t survive without and having access to it is a human right yet it’s estimated that two-thirds of our population will suffer from water shortages. So, if we’re forward-thinking, we need to be looking at ways to increase our water supply and provide equitable access to this water. Health is another area which we’re really focused on. Technologies that improve the length and quality of life are an exciting space to be investing in.  

When you ask our team what gets them out of bed in the morning, it’s not the money, it’s the impact we are able to create. It’s the fact that we get to work with very clever, passionate founders who have world-changing visions and help them execute their ambition.