Emerald Scofield on understanding the tech before investing

May 15, 2023

One thing we pride ourselves on is our process of deep diving into ground-breaking technologies. At our core, we specialise in venture capital investments and have a strong track record of identifying, investing in and supporting deep technologies.

By really getting ‘under the hood’ to understand these deep technologies and immersing ourselves in the commercialisation journey, we are able to establish strong connections with the visionary founders and entrepreneurs, and their teams, fostering a collaborative environment that can help accelerate advancement towards solving the global challenges.

We have a number of scientists on our team who have a unique capability to decipher complex technologies and assess both market and technical risks. By understanding the inner workings of these transformative innovations, we are able to forge strong connections with visionary founders and their teams. This collaborative approach allows us to make informed decisions and drive success.

Importantly, we recognise that deep tech requiresmore than investment which is why as a venture capital firm, we go beyond just investing capital. We actively engage with potential acquirers, advisors, and industry experts to gather valuable insights and perspectives. This strategic network enables us to stay ahead of market trends and maximize the potential of our investments.