Hot Lime Labs works to increase crop yields

December 5, 2018

Hot Lime Labs is developing clean CO2 technology for commercial green-houses to increase crop yields using low carbon renewable energy sources.

Hi-tech greenhouses currently produce $35B of crops per annum and are growing at 4x four times the rate of general traditional horticulture. Many growers use CO2 gas has distinct benefits for growers as it has the ability to boost crop yields by up to 30%. However current primary sources of CO2 have their downsides. Natural gas, the current primary source of CO2, natural gas, can be expensive and is generally only accessible to those nearby a natural source. Additionally, it is non-renewable and therefore an unsustainable energy source.

Based on 9 years of research, Hot Lime Labs are commercialising a patented system that will recover clean CO2 from renewable forestry and agricultural waste. The key is a proprietary modified limestone material (called Hot Lime) which acts as a CO2 “sponge” and can be used to recover renewable CO2 at half the price of current sources.  Growers using the product will be able to increase productivity through access to low cost and clean CO2.

Image result for Dr Vlatko Materic
Dr Vlatko Materic

Hot Lime Labs has successfully finalised a prototype unit, achieving better gas emission rates than expected, with lower production costs. The current prototype is able to fit into a shipping container and when customers receive the product, a simple plug in and switch on function is all that is required to activate.

The company is now focused on installing a miniature pilot system within a customer’s greenhouse, which can be scaled up very easily. The expected return for growers is $40-80K per hectare with a three to four year payback which will be provided by the product by reducing CO2 costs and increasing crop yield.

Pacific Channel is an existing investor in the company.