Insight into our investment into Transparently.AI

February 23, 2024

We’re thrilled to have invested in Transparently.AI alongside Move Asset Management and in the same funding round as global asset management company Franklin Templeton, which has USD ~$1.5 trillion funds under management.

Transparently.AI is the world’s first AI solution for the automated detection of accounting manipulation and fraud in companies. Designed for financial analysts, portfolio managers, regulators and company boards, Transparently.AI’s technology uses the power of AI and machine learning to identify manipulation within seconds. It provides a way to instil confidence and governance to the world of finance and investments.

As carbon markets become increasingly financially driven, we expect Transparently.AI’s technology will evolve to offer a tool for detecting carbon credit fraud and related fraudulent activities. The company’s models also correlate with broader accounting fraud, enabling green investors to assess their risk exposure in “green” assets.

This is an exciting technology led by New Zealander Hamish Macalister that will address a significant global challenge. Thanks to Move Asset Management, we’ve had the opportunity to co-invest and contribute to the resources Transparently.AI needs to accelerate its go-to-market strategy. Securing investment from internationally recognised Franklin Templeton is a critical validation milestone.