Kieran Jina on Commercialisation

May 23, 2023

How do we define commercialisation?

Everyone has a different view on what commercialisation means and it does depend somewhat on the type of company, but if we take a look at deep tech, commercialisation generally refers to when a company reaches the point where a customer or bigger investor sees the value and they’re willing to put a price on paper and offer that to you.

Commercialisation is having the option to have an exit – whether the company does or not, is up to the company.

As a venture capital company, Pacific Channel’s role is to bridge that start-to-exit phase.

Because we specialise in deep tech, this tends to be a really long time and because of the nature of the technology we're investing in, there are a number of different skill sets needed along the way.

Another way to think about commercialisation is that it’s “the next step”, but importantly, and this is where our team comes in, you have to have a good idea about what the next step is well before you get there. This is why a key part of what we do is to create a roadmap for the deep tech company to make sure there is always a next step.