Kieran Jina on the importance of experience in deep tech for a VC

February 17, 2023

One of the key factors that set Pacific Channel apart is the team's entrepreneurial background. Most members of our team have been through the journey of building and taking a new technology to market. We have personally lived and breathed the challenges and successes involved in deep tech ventures. This first-hand experience gives us a unique perspective, enabling us to understand the challenges and equipping us to assist the companies we invest in as they address the problems they aim to solve.

As a venture capital firm, our approach to managing risk involves identifying potential risks early in the journey and actively guiding the founders to overcome them. This support may involve developing research and development plans or facilitating connections with relevant companies and individuals who can offer the right type of assistance.

Following an investment, we dedicate significant time and effort to working closely with the company. Why? Because deep tech ventures are exceedingly challenging, and the risks they face seem endless. Technological advancements, regulatory complexities, safeguarding intellectual property, the ongoing need for capital, and acquiring talent are just a few examples from an extensive list.

By maintaining close involvement with our portfolio companies, we aim to provide the expertise, resources, and guidance needed to navigate the intricate landscape of deep tech entrepreneurship. Our perspectives as former entrepreneurs allow us to anticipate and address the multifaceted challenges that arise, fostering an environment where innovation can thrive and transformative technologies can be successfully brought to market.