Kieran Jina on specialised venture capital from Seed to Series A

December 16, 2022

We believe that deep tech can solve the fundamental problems that pose an existential crisis to humanity overthe next 100 years. Among these pressing issues are rising temperatures, climate change, as well as the desire to enable people to live longer and better. And so we believe that the technology we invest in has the capability to tackle these problems head-on.

Creating the right environment for deep tech to succeed begins really early on – often before a company is even established. A critical element of this process is having a clear understanding of what success looks like, and what’s involved in achieving success.

As venture capital investors we focus on early-stage funding, particularly at the seed to Series A stages. Our approach involves actively seeking out really smart scientists and academics within universities who are working on groundbreaking technologies. We help them transform their ideas into a business and provide them with the capital to grow that business. We also provide our resources, skills and experience to help them get started. Our involvement extends beyond the initial investment, as we continue to offer our guidance and resources to ensure the success of both the technology and the people.

As these companies grow, our support evolves from hands-on assistance in building the business and developing the technology to helping a company do deals with customers and bigger investors. Our ultimate goal is to guide these companies towards strategic acquisitions or public listings, enabling them to scale their impact, maximise their potential and solve some of the most significant challenges that humanity faces.