Kieran Jina on venture capital and the areas of focus

November 21, 2022

Food. Health. Environment. These areas are crucial for addressing global challenges, which is why we’re focused on investing in them.

In healthcare, we support life sciences innovations such as new drugs, diagnostics, and medical devices, taking advantage of New Zealand's exceptional research capabilities and efficient regulatory system to quickly bring products to market and expand into larger markets like the US and Europe.

Food security is a pressing issue, considering the ever-growing global population and land exhaustion. We believe in finding new ways of producing food that is sustainable and emission-free, leveraging the synergies between the healthcare and food industries. By understanding the fundamental aspects of cell biology and healthcare, we can contribute to innovative solutions in the food sector.

Climate change presents an imminent threat, and we are actively interested in technologies that simultaneously reduce carbon emissions, increase access to clean energy, and explore carbon removal from the atmosphere. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of conducting everyday activities more efficiently, striving for a more sustainable world.

We recognize the urgency of finding solutions to these challenges, and our venture capital investments are driven by the belief that by addressing healthcare, food, and climate issues, we can contribute to a better future for humanity while leveraging New Zealand's competitive advantages.