Kieran Jina on the vision for investing in deep tech

June 23, 2023

Pacific Channel was founded with the vision of bridging the gap between startups in New Zealand and larger markets across the Pacific Ocean, specifically Greater China, Europe and the US.

The goal is to create a channel that enables these startups to expand their reach beyond New Zealand's borders. This vision, which is still very relevant today, acknowledges that relying solely on the domestic market will not be economical and because the opportunities we’re investing in are solving some really big global problems, we need to be focusing on tapping into global opportunities.

By investing in startups that are dedicated to solving major global challenges, Pacific Channel aims to facilitate their entry into international markets at an early stage. This approach recognizes the need to explore larger markets to maximise the impact and scalability of these companies. To achieve this, Pacific Channel has established a network of professionals based in the target markets, providing invaluable expertise and connections to assist startups in navigating foreign landscapes and accessing opportunities.

The ethos of Pacific Channel revolves around the belief that taking innovative companies outside of New Zealand is essential for them to thrive and make a significant difference on a global scale. By serving as a channel to larger markets, Pacific Channel aims to support startups in their expansion efforts, ultimately fostering economic growth and enabling the development of solutions that address pressing global problems.