Orbis Diagnostics launches quantitative immunity testing

July 30, 2021

Orbis continues to progress positively in the development and productisation of the Orbis Arca and its QIC Test (Quantitative Immunity COVID-19 Test).

The Orbis Arca successfully brings the highly accurate testing available in a medical lab to the point of need. Importantly, Arca is portable – allowing accurate immunity testing to be conducted at the airport rather than a blood sample being sent to a specialist lab.

A significant milestone in its development was the recent arrival of the first three commercial prototype systems developed through Orbis’ partnership with D&K Engineering. These are functioning systems that automates each step of the assay aside from collecting a prick of blood and the loading onto the disk. Orbis has developed a promotional video featuring Orbis’ initial prototype system, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Orbis received significant media coverage following the announcement of its partnership with IDEMIA, which helped in successful engagement with several foreign and national government agencies regarding studies and pilots.

To meet the growing demands of the business, Orbis has significantly expanded its team. The team has almost doubled in size to build biology and engineering departments capable of scaling up manufacturing. A new COO, Evan Erstich; Quality Manager, Robert Troost; and Clinical Operations Manager, Becki Binedell have all been recruited recently. These team members will be pivotal in the Orbis systems product development, through finalising a specification and manufacture of its systems, establishing a quality management system that de-risks its product development and product delivery to the customer, and establishment of clinical studies which will allow for validation of the system and regulatory approval.

Orbis is well placed to continue to progress and reach its planned market entry in Q1 2022. The company is currently preparing for a $10m Series A capital raise that is expected to launch in August 2021.