Pacific Channel joins Callaghan Innovation Technology Incubator programme

June 10, 2024

Pacific Channel is thrilled to have been appointed as a partner in the Callaghan Innovation Deep-Tech Incubator programme.

Designed to provide funding and support to researchers, founders and entrepreneurs, the programme recognises that although deep-tech creates transformative impact, it also requires extensive R&D and significant levels of expertise and investment to successfully commercialise products for global markets.

Marny Reakes, Pacific Channel Venture Partner says “As a partner in the tech incubator programme, our team will have the opportunity to back more ambitious New Zealand deep-tech ventures at their earliest stage, providing them with the specialist capital, expertise, deep experience and access to networks they need to achieve value inflection points and establish a strong market presence.

“At their earliest stage, deep-tech ventures carry high levels of risk and are capital intensive which can make it more difficult to secure the funding they need to succeed without overly diluting the founders and management who play an important role in the company’s success.

“We recognise the vast potential of deep-tech innovation in this country. For two decades Pacific Channel has worked with researchers, founders and entrepreneurs seeking to leverage ground-breaking innovations striving to address complex, global challenges. We are excited that this partnership will enable us to back deep tech ventures at their earliest stage,” says Ms Reakes.

Callaghan Innovation Product Manager Celeste Peh oversees the Deep Tech Incubator Programme. She says the organisation is committed to supporting Deep Tech innovation.

“Kiwi scientists and engineers face many hurdles in successfully commercialising Deep Tech innovations. There are very few private organisations willing to patiently commit funds and provide expert support forideas that will take many years to come to fruition.

“The programme was conceived to ensure that many more of this country's world changing Deep Tech ideas can progress from the lab and go on to succeed in global markets.

“Pacific Channel is an excellent addition to our suite of four partners, and we’re looking forward to working with them to support more Kiwi deep tech startup success,” she says.

About the Deep-Tech Incubator Programme:

  • Successful applicants to the Technology Incubator Programme receiveat least $1m in funding – a $750,000 repayable grant from Callaghan Innovation and at least $250,000 in private investment.
  • The programme works by pairing people with mould-breaking ideas with one of Callaghan Innovation’s five partner incubators: Brandon Capital Partners, WNT Ventures, Bridgewest Ventures, Sprout Agritech, and Pacific Channel.
  • Start-ups work directly with their incubator, taking advantage of bespoke support to refine and commercialise their idea in an environment that reduces the risks entrepreneurs and researchers face on the journey from concept to market.
  • Each incubator has deep specialist expertise across arange of technology sectors and help with more than funding – they offer a support system that includes insights, access to networking and connections, mentorship and more.