Pacific Channel joins Pledge 1%

November 16, 2021

Pacific Channel has joined Pledge 1%, committing to donate 1% of our revenues and 5% of our team’s time to support nonprofits in our community.

We’ve helped the Talalelei Life Futures Funds (Talalelei) since its inception in 2018. It began when Talalelei (Tala) died saving a Chinese New Zealander, caught in a rip on the south coast of Samoa.

To honour Tala’s memory and his life-giving spirit, the fund offers scholarships to young Samoans into tertiary education, an otherwise unattainable path to a better life.

Talalelei is now raising funds to support students into 2022, targeting $30,000.

We encourage you to give alongside us. Pacific Channel will match any donation that you make $1 for $1.

Robbie, Fale, Jane, Su’e, Catherine, Isa and Gogo are working hard at their studies and achieving fantastic grades, and this year Talalelei will have their first student graduate.

The Talalelei trustees, our Pacific Channel team and our key suppliers MinterEllisonRuddWatts and VCFO generously assist Talalelei without charge, so 100% of funds raised pays for the scholarships. From our team, Lachlan Nixon contributed significantly as founding trustee; and Emerald Scofield and Traci Sietu are now trustees.

Below is the link to the Give a Little page.

Please give generously – Talalelei has Overseas Donee Status, which makes your donation tax-deductible in New Zealand.