Pacific Channel leads $350k SciTOX funding

March 6, 2009

Pacific Channel led the investment of $350k in April 2011 to fund the development of SciTOX Ltd’s waste toxicity measurement device.

The funds will be used to evolve the existing toxicity device so it can meet the operational needs of wastewater treatment plants by rapidly measuring both nutrient and toxicity levels of incoming liquid wastes.

SciTOX, which is based in Christchurch, has started trials in Dunedin in addition to the trials in Bromley which have been interrupted by the Christchurch earthquakes.

Brent Ogilvie of Pacific Channel said “there is a sizeable global market for a device that provides a robust assessment of the nutrient and toxicity levels of liquid waste coming into wastewater treatment plants enabling managers to run facilities efficiently and to reduce the risk of plant failures. Distributors have been secured across key regional markets”.