Pacific Channel part of TUS Holdings and Next Federation of NZ signing

August 7, 2023

Pacific Channel recently had the honour of participating in a momentous signing ceremony between TUS-Holdings, the world's largest science park owner and operator, and NEXT Federation of New Zealand. This moment marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration that brings together the visionary expertise of TUS, founded out of Tsinghua University, China's premier engineering and technology university, and the forward-thinking approach of NEXT Federation.

TUS owns and operates 70 science parks across the world and has built up a global innovation service network of more than 300 incubators. Some of the most esteemed locations include Cambridge University in the UK, where TUS has invested GBP2b, as well as parks in Belgium, Germany and China.

Their commitment to driving innovation and supporting ground-breaking ventures aligns perfectly with Pacific Channel’s focus on investing in the future of food, health and the environment and we look forward to the potential worldwide network of benefits this could bring to our portfolio companies. TUS's extensive experience and resources in managing over RMB200b through more than 90 funds, including seed to pre-IPO investments, through fund of funds, and multiple specialist funds, will undoubtedly amplify our collective impact.

At Pacific Channel, we are committed to supporting deep tech innovation, nurturing talent, and fostering collaborations that make a lasting difference. Working together within a well-functioning ecosystem is key to driving positive change on a global scale, creating solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing our planet.