Stephane Janson on flexibility and venture capital investing

March 31, 2023

Shaping history and impacting the future – this is the power of deep tech venture capital. Returns for a deep tech investor are two-fold: financial and impact. For many investors, the returns from their investment extend beyond their monetary value and therefore it’s the latter which is far more of a motivator.  

These investors understand that the true measure of success lies in the transformative power of deep tech. By supporting companies at the forefront of innovation, they can play an active role in shaping a future, or as we call it shaping history, where significant challenges are overcome.

One of the things that makes Pacific Channel quite special is our ability to think flexibly. While our core focus is on investing in early-stage deep tech companies, we’re also comfortable branching out to use our venture capital skills and expertise to explore and grow new opportunities that will have an impact on the world we live in. So as part of the Pacific Channel network, our investors get access to deep tech opportunities in New Zealand, but they also get access to deals that are not even classified as venture capital investments. The other benefit of our approach is our ability to provide a diverse offering which means we’re giving investors geographic diversification, risk diversification and even different asset classes and industries.