Active Investor Plus Visa

As a New Zealand investment company, we are seeing a rise in overseas enquiries from those who are interested in investing funds locally through Pacific Channel as they apply for New Zealand’s Active Investor Plus Visa.

If you are interested in investing and living in New Zealand, the following information is intended to provide an overview of how the Visa works and what Pacific Channel can offer.

Understanding the Active Investor Plus Visa

New Zealand welcomes experienced, high-value investors to help build globally successful Kiwi businesses.

The Active Investor Plus Visa is an opportunity for experienced high-value investors to make New Zealand their home, enjoying the natural beauty, lifestyle and culture of Aotearoa, whilst contributing their experience and capital to supporting the growth of New Zealand’s economy.

At a high level, the visa requires the investor to:

invest a total of between NZ$5 million and NZ$15 million (depending on a weighting system that incentivises more 'active' investments)

invest across three years and maintain the investment for a further fourth year

spend 117 days in New Zealand across the four-year conditional visa period

have a reasonable command of English to at least Level 5 of the International English Language Testing System.

Acceptable Investment Classes

Acceptable investments carry different weightings towards the NZ$15m investment threshold (and an investor may invest across a combination of these):


Direct investments into businesses will receive the highest weighting (3x), e.g. an investor could meet the required investment amount by investing NZ$5m into direct investments.


Investments into managed funds such as private equity or venture capital funds will also be upweighted (2x), e.g. an investor could meet the required investment amount by investing NZ$7.5m into private funds.


Investment into listed equities and philanthropy will receive no additional weighting (and each is capped at 50% of the NZ$15m investment requirement), e.g. an investor could meet the required investment amount by investing NZ$7.5m into listed equities and NZ$7.5m into eligible philanthropic causes.

Visit the Immigration New Zealand website here for more information.

Investing with Pacific Channel

Pacific Channel focuses on the commercialisation of new breakthrough technologies in the areas of

Improving quality and length of life icon.

Improving the quality and length of life

The future of food icon.

The future of food

Transitioning to a sustainable economy icon.

Transitioning to a sustainable economy

Automation and industry 4.0 icon.

Automation and Industry 4.0

We choose to invest in these types of organisations because we know that successful, deep-tech companies offer substantial financial gains while also achieving immense positive impact to society and the planet.

Live a better life and create a better world

The world needs innovation and creativity to meet the challenges of our time. We believe in the power of deep tech to provide a bright and hopeful future for our planet and its people.

Our diverse team of employees and advisors bring a wealth of knowledge across many disciplines. We actively engage with the organisations we invest in, ensuring the founders receive the support they need to successfully commercialise their visions.

If you would like to learn more about Pacific Channel and the exciting opportunities to live here and invest in New Zealand’s innovative deep tech industry, contact us today.