About Us

As a specialised deep tech venture capital company,
our focus is on investing in great people who are using breakthrough science and advanced engineering discoveries to secure the future of food,
health and the environment.

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Future of Health

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Future of Environment

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Future of Food

The commercialisation of new breakthrough technologies in these important areas will help solve some of the world’s biggest social and environmental challenges. 

Additionally, they are proven economic development and productivity tools through the creation of high-value companies, jobs and exports. As such, we believe that deep tech is an exceptionally important sector for the future of the Asia-Pacific region and the world.

We strongly believe that the above impacts naturally create strong, acyclical and durable returns for our investors.

What is deep tech?

Deep tech companies are focused on developing novel scientific or engineering innovation to solve substantial global challenges. They are often born from academic research and generally require lengthy R&D and large capital investment before successful commercialization.

The primary risk in a deep tech company is often technical and/or product development risk, while market risk is often significantly lower due to the potential value of the solution to society.

The underlying scientific or engineering problems being solved by deep tech companies generate valuable intellectual property and are hard to reproduce. When successful, deep-tech companies offer substantial financial gains while also achieving immense positive impact to society and the planet.


E kore e taea e te whenu kotahi
ki te raranga i te whāriki
kia mōhio ai tatou ki a tātou.
Mā te mahi tahi ō ngā whenu,
mā te mahi tahiō ngā kairaranga,
ka oti tēnei whāriki.
I te otinga
me titiro tātou ki ngā mea pai
ka puta mai,
ā tana wā, me titiro hoki
ki ngā raranga i makere
nā te mea he kōrero anō kei reira.

The tapestry of understanding cannot be woven by one strand alone.

Only by the working together of strands and the working together of weavers will such a tapestry be completed.

With its completion let us look at the good that comes from it.

In time we should also look at those stitches which have been dropped, because they also have a message.

Kukupa Tirikatene